Carpe diem #2: That’s Dreampop fool!

“‘Unsung’, ‘underrated’, ‘… ‘arguably the most criminally under-recognized band of their era’ – I see these descriptions from time-to-time – and I’m slightly irked – it sounds like we’ve been mistreated, like we were underdogs. We got what we deserved, the love you make etc… we hardly played live, didn’t pander to the press of fans, pissed off every label we came into contact with – to be ‘unsung’ was the whole point, that’s Dreampop fool! Our summer tour 2015 is two dates. A few thousand bleeding ears. A couple hundred ‘likes’. Go figure. Am I wrong? Should we be more like Ride?

Sagt härom året av Rudi Tambala från A.R. Kane det sena 1980-talets kanske allra bästa engelska band och #2 i carpe diem-serien med bra citat. På tal om andras texter, missa inte (nyligen avlidna) Greg Tates liner notes till återutgivna A.R. Kane-samlingen Americana (‘Kaning’ means going to the threshold of creation, of maximum potential where all things are possible yet uncreated, the realm of Lucifer and the Dark angels, the shoreline where angels build sandcastles in defiance of the creator, and knit our world from love and light. Just kidding. Or am I?”).

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