Carpe diem #2: That’s Dreampop fool!

"'Unsung', 'underrated', '... 'arguably the most criminally under-recognized band of their era' – I see these descriptions from time-to-time – and I'm slightly irked – it sounds like we've been mistreated, like we were underdogs. We got what we deserved, the love you make etc... we hardly played live, didn't pander to the press of… Fortsätt läsa Carpe diem #2: That’s Dreampop fool!

Carpe diem #1

“A work of art encountered as a work of art is an experience, not a statement or an answer to a question. Art is not only about something; it is something. A work of art is a thing in the world, not just a text or commentary on the world.” En av de vanligaste medelklassmarkörerna… Fortsätt läsa Carpe diem #1