Carpe diem #5: Lawrence

Have you ever wanted a computer?

L: Computers? No! Pop stars with computers… What I don’t like is a pop star doing like a diary thing for their fans on the internet. The worst one for me – I cut it out of this magazine, it was amazing – was a tweet by Lily Allen, and it said: “Just had a lovely iced bun and a cup of tea”. That sums it all up for me. Who gives a fuck? Why would you put that on a thing? Who cares? There’s so many things going on about that one line, to me it’s like everything that’s wrong.

Wouldn’t you like to know about Lou Reed’s iced bun?

L: No! I want Lou Reed to push me down the stairs or tell me to fuck off. I would never go up to Lou Reed anyway and go, “Hey, I love your songs”, I just wouldn’t. I mean, if I was in a room and he was there, I wouldn’t say anything.

Från Jude Rogers intervju med Lawrence i The Quietus, september 2012.

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