Anaglyfparken (Bibliotek no. 1): English info

BIBLIOTEK is a sub-label of BCNVT with a focus on music releases. The first edition – Bibliotek no. 1 – is the album Anaglyfparken, which will be available in June 2021 on vinyl and digital via Bandcamp (where you can already listen to some of the songs).

Anaglyfparken is a collective project about a fictional park with both spoken, written and sung parts, a mixture between sound collage, poetry cycle and musical. Music & concept by Petter Herbertsson (Testbild!, Sternpost), text by Karin Christensen.

About 20 people – among them musicians Siri af Burén and Tomas Bodén and the poets Ann Jäderlund, Ulrika Revenäs Strollo and Martti Soutkari – have been invited to send sounds, readings, melodies or song fragments, which are then woven together with Petter’s songs into a greater whole.

Cover design for Anaglyfparken and Bibliotek logo: Jacob Grønbech Jensen.

1. Intro
2. I fontänen                                    
3. Omlottliven                                  
4. Hugget                      
5. Denna sommar                            
6. Understrykningar                         
7. Vatten tränger fram                     
8. Två galler                                    
9. Vattnets kullkastande spegel
10. Leksak
11. Fel årstid                                   
10. Myntspottarfontänen                  
11. En burk med obehagligt knäckande ljud
12. Hennes profil          


Email us if you are interested in reviewing Anaglyfparken and you will receive a link to streamed preview: The same address applies to interview requests and other press questions.

1. Karin Christensen
2. Logotype BIBLIOTEK
3. Petter Herbertsson
4. Cover of Anaglyfparken

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