In September 23 2017 we released the compilation Cosi-tech. 12 songs establishing a bittersweet musical genre created for an utopian society. Recommended if you like: The Art of Noise, The Buggles, Thomas Leer, OMD, The Passage, Propaganda, The RAH Band, Sophie & Peter Johnston, Sudden Sway, Yellow Magic Orchestra…

Listen and download on Bandcamp and Spotify. In Spring 2018 Cosi-tech will re-appear as a cassette and small publication in a joint release together with Texte und Töne in New York.

1. Offshore Arcadia – Someone Looking Out For You
2. Daisy Bell – Day Return to Far Away
3. Fly To The Future – Spaceships
4. Luna Yue – Spaced Apart
5. Byte – Mercury Friendship
6. The Small Systems Journal – Vanessa
7. Kodak Brain – Chrome Pop
8. Cositech Apocalypse – Black Sun Death Star
9. Go-Go Tek TM – tek-no
10. The Fourth Dimension – Life Under Glass
11. Radium Prague – These Burning Elements
12. Spektrum – Natt efter natt