Carpe diem #4: Malcolm McLaren

To be romantic, to find a place that has a particular, unique ambience is a struggle. To actually create it is a struggle. To actually deal with it is a struggle. People don’t want to struggle. They have been told that they can have everything they want by just sitting in bed.

If you are living in a culture like that then the last thing you are going to want is something you are going to have to walk ten miles through muddy fields to find. We live in what is easy. In answer to your reference to propaganda: we have already been told we are all a nation of middle class. No struggle.

The Sex Pistols whole premise was: I’m going to be an artful dodger. I’m going to search for the authentic. I’m going to fucking write songs that I believe in. I’m going to write lyrics that haven’t been used before. I’m not following the old-fashioned template. I’m going to declare the ultimate culture: DIY.

Malcolm McLaren från en lång intervju i Dazed & Confused, 1999. Finns även återpublicerad i intervjuantologin Star Culture (Phaidon).

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