Last Japan

I efterhand kan man ju se att intervjun med Last Japan hakar upp sig för mycket på rymden, den tjatar och gräver ner sig. Som om jag jobbar på NASA:s säkerhetsavdelning och måste ta reda på vad han vet. Kanske ville han prata om något helt annat.
Men för mig är varje sekund av hans musik genomsyrad av universum och rymd, gnistrande och ödslig, fastän hårda engelska MCs överröstar ibland.

What’s your favorite sound or instrument at the moment?
My favourite instrument at the moment is Dark Zebra – Hans Zimmer and Howard Scarr.

I was not surprised at all when I read that you’re inspired by Hans Zimmer! Your music has the same cinematic feeling. He told in an interview that a director he was to work with sent him a still photograph, and then he wrote the entire score based on that photo. Where is your starting point, your “still photograph” when you create your music?
When making music I will have a video of a favourite scene in a movie looping, on mute and re-create the music i feel fits with it. It’s a great way of writing and interpreting the feeling of the scene yourself.

Would you like to produce film music? In that case, for what kind of movies?
I’m open to what type of films I would write music to. Obviously something si-fi or space orientated would really fit the style of music I make, but i wouldn’t turn down something completely different like Moonlight for example.

I have always related your music to space, it has a kind of desolate and infinite atmosphere. And I understand that you are interested in outer space? Do you actively try to integrate that into your sound?
I use it as an influence but I feel that If I actually use the sounds from space, or something similar my music will lose the interpretation value of the listener.

Have you heard the sound recordings that NASA made of space?
Haha, yes I have. Some of them are pretty cool!

And did you know that according to studies, outer space smells like raspberries?
No, really! How can Space have a smell when there is no oxygen particles to carry the smell?

Do you have a take on the Great filter-theory?

How do you choose vocalist for your tracks? They feel so well-suited, so attuned. Is there any specific expression that you tend to look for?
I only work with artists I really want to work with and generally I’ll write something in my own style that suits the vocal style of the vocalist.

Finally, what are your hopes for 2018?
Release more music and travel to Mars.

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