Saint Etienne present songs for the Lyons Cornerhouse
Mbongwana Star – From Kinshasa
July Skies – The English Cold
Babe – The Hereaftergo’ers EP
Vasas flora & fauna – Släkt med Lotta Swärd
Jon Brooks – Walberswick
Jon Hassell – City: Works of Fiction (Expanded Edition)
Arthur Russell – Corn
Ornette Coleman – The Complete Science Fiction Sessions
The Radio Dept – Occupied
Cluster – Grosses Wasser
Jamie xx – In Colour

8157_012_DOUBLE SPREAD 12.tif  mappy


Richard King – Original Rockers
Eva-Stina Byggmästar – I tvillingarnas tecken
Kristian Petri – Träsket
Paul Moody & Robin Turner – The Search for the Perfect Pub
Simon Armitage – Se stjärnor
Geoff Nicholson – The Lost Art of Walking
Iain Sinclair – London Overground
Evelyn Waugh – En förlorad värld
Johnny Rogan – Ray Davies: A Complicated Life
Anna Kavan – Kliniken och andra berättelser
Trevor Cox – Sonic Wonderland
Michael Moorcock – London Peculiar & Other Nonfiction
Owen Hatherley – The Landscapes of Communism
Brian Catling – The Vorrh
Darran Anderson – Imaginary Cities
Robert MacFarlane – Landmarks
Pernilla Berglund – Fälla
Vivek Narayanan – Låt varje språk vara främmande
John Ashbery – Breezeway
Stephen Walter – The Island: London Mapped



Cucumber (Svt Play)
Banana (Svt Play)
True Detective (Hbo Nordic)
Happyish (Hbo Nordic)
Boyhood (dvd)
Paddington (dvd)

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