”Beware of the need for help” – Big Star

”Send that money for a rainy day.” – Can

”Solen kan skina. Det är hela tiden vi som bestämmer.” – Eva Lindström

”The point is to recognize that you are a fool and that that is the only means toward success in a world that is completely insane.” – The Cairo Gang

”Stick your head into a paper bag, and see just what you find.” – Circuit des Yeux

”You can be bored with anything if you try hard enough.” – Samuel R. Delany

”Ne bouge pas! Je cherche un kleenex.” – Catherine Ribeiro

”It’s getting dark earlier now, but where you are it’s just getting light. Where you are it will just be getting light.” – The Triffids

”Don’t forget your mittens.” – Laurie Anderson


”Eat your greens, especially broccoli.” – Coil



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