Cabalistic innuendos #1

Cocaine dealer

smoking electronic ciggs, out on a chilly evening in the AZ desert



gets me every time

but then I’m very fickle

Everybody cha-cha-cha!

did they go out of tune twice?


Superbe, envoûtant, magnifique !!

played it at least 100 to 200 times

on, and on, and on…

this song is my soul

yes, ah, yes

I’ve got to get moving, here – I’m off to Nashville. I’ve got bizness there

It’s -38 Celsius here this morning. Yikes

you can see this huge cylindrical lump

the strange space between ludicrous and terrifying

takes you for a walk you dont wanna go on

darkness in a superficial yuppie world

Like you.

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